BDS Providers Development

SMEF identifies Business Development Services (BDS) as key levers on strengthening the business systems of SMEs while enhancing their ability to both capitalize on growth opportunities and weather volatility that is often typical during the start-up phase of a business.

In the Somali peninsula, exclusive reliance of SMEs on business consultancy and support from external service providers is minimal. The provision of business development services for SMEs is very traditional and informal. In general, SMEs will not pay or consultations which do not result in tangible physical outputs.

Large private business corporations such as those in the telecom business and upper/middle level businesses are reported to be the enterprises who understand and benefit from such services and outsource knowledge and technical assistance support internationally or send their staff to specialized training abroad.

SMEF has trained 114 individuals representing 70 BDSPs from throughout Puntland, Somaliland and FGS, providing them with new tools to help assess the needs of SME clients and how to complete full business proposals and plans.

SMEF has undertaken a market assessment to better understand constraints and opportunities in the market, in order to inform the overall delivery strategy.  During the process, SMEF has identified a variety of business development consultants that are found in the Somali peninsula, specialising in different areas of BDS, including:

Financial and accounting
Procurement and logistics
Marketing and communications
Business linkages
Trade events organisation

In addition, SMEF has issued an invitation for expressions of interest to profile existing BDS providers and identify potential partners to work with in the respective regions in the Somali Peninsula. The initial EoIs was followed by a rigorous evaluation process to review the applicant’s profiles based on selection criteria.

The list of BDS providers were shortlisted to support SBCF grant applicant for the full business plans development.

  • Puntland BDS Providers Shortlisting for Business Plan Development. Attach the file here
  • Somaliland BDS Providers Shortlisting for Business Plan Development. Attach the file here
  • South Central BDS Providers Shortlisting for Business Plan Development. Attach the file here

To engage the services of a BDS provider through the SMEF programme, for each proposed intervention, we will develop a ToR based on the needs of the SMEs, which will outline specific tasks and deliverables, and be agreed upon by both the selected BDS provider and SME client. The services provided will be monitored and evaluated after provision. The support services for these SMEs will be subsidised.