SMEF provides a wide range of “integrated services” to SMEs, BDS providers, individuals seeking new skills or skills upgrading and young women. For more additional information on these, click SMEs, BDS provider, skills development, and STEP.

The facility provides services to:

  • Somali entrepreneurs owning SMEs, II. Somali investors;
  • Individuals needing skills upgrade;
  • Young women needing employment and entrepreneurship skills improvements;
  • SBCF grantees

SMEF will provide the following services to SBCF grantees:

  • Technical assistance to grantees (such as technology transfer, plant installation, equipment procurement, production planning, quality control, repair, maintenance and others);
  • Project management support in the processes to plan, procure and execute the investment project (on time, on budget and quality);
  • Providing one-on-one business development services to make the investment and the business.

The facility will provide these services mainly through a network of qualified:

  • Business development service providers (BDS) that will get the capacity building to improve their services.
  • TVET providers.
  • Other providers of training.
  • For more additional information on these, click SMEs, BDS, skills development and STEP.