On 23rd March 2017, SMEF has conducted a validation workshop for a market skills assessment report. The workshop was attended by 52 participants from employers, sector experts, skills providers and government representatives. The purpose of the validation workshop was to give stakeholders an opportunity to review and “validate” the skills gap identified by the findings of the report. The workshop was organized to ensure that the skills gap in the report is in line with the market demand. 

SMEF team presented the findings of the market skills gap assessment. They highlighted the skills gaps that exist in predominant sectors of the economy; agri-business, livestock, energy, fisheries, manufacturing, hotels and construction. This was followed by participant’s comments, suggestions and feedback.

Participants Making comments and Questions.

Most of the participants indicated that they agree the main findings from their respective sector.  The facilitator then divided the participants into groups that resulted in the establishment of seven working groups, one for each sector. The groups focused on discussing the findings of the report.

The participants of the validation workshop were very satisfied with the results/findings of the assessment report. All the groups agreed the findings.   In addition, each group ranked the sector skills trainings priority needs. They highlighted by the fact that some final adjustments for some of the skills is needed. SMEF will address the skills gap identified under this report and confirmed in the validation to workshop.