Ali Khayre Omar Osman is the co-founder and manager of the Mogadishu based Kasmo Contracting and Construction Company for 12 years. He is extremely passionate to further develop and successfully grow his business. However as many other SMEs his business has some challenges to overcome in order to sustainably grow.

Managing the business financials is among these challenges. They specifically found it very difficult to properly record business transactions and have instant overviews of their customers (such as quickly finding the customers that buy on credit). From a business peer he was informed about the upcoming service of SMEF to implement financial management software for FGS based SMEs and approached SMEF to participate.

Subsequently, Mister Ali Khayre and his colleague Mister Ahmed (finance office) received six training days (in group and individually) to work QuickBooks financial management software. The business owner expressed his satisfaction about the received services as follows: “Now I have a clear and complete picture of the financial movement of my business. I am aware of the business expenses and specific items that make the highest sales. I can easily access accounts payable and account receivables to manage our cash-flow. The financial software made our business live easier and better.”