SMEF has developed a growing pool of business development services providers in Somaliland, Puntland and South Central Somalia, listed by skill set and expertise. One of them is, Invista Inc, a consultancy firm registered in Somalia with fully operating office in Garowe, Puntland. SMEF has selected Invista Inc as one of the business development consultant firms. The firm has also engaged freelancer consultants in Somaliland and the Southern Somalia as a part of the current expansion strategy. It was one of the first BDS providers that received business development from SMEF. Invista Inc has developed 12 business plans for the competition of the Somali Business Catalytic fund, of which 7 of them become successful.  5 of the serviced customers for the business plan become regular clients to Invista Inc and received several different BD services.  The served client has also recommended Invista Inc to other SMEs client who requested and received the services from them as well.

Faysal Jama Abdilaahi, a principal consultant of Invista Inc, told that they have learned a lot on the process of working with SMEF. They have increased their knowledge and processes on how to customize trainings for each business according to its unique characteristics. He continued to say “Now, we are able to provide full range of easy-to-use, scalable and customizable business solutions”.  Faysal also mentioned that they care about to deliver a top-quality service to their clients.

Invista Inc has increased the pool of SME services and market expansion as result of SMEF partnership and cooperation. SMEF is committed build the quality advisory services in the market.