On June 17-18 June, 2017, Eagle Auditors and Business Consultants has started a high level training on financial management for 15 SMEs in Puntland. The training was conducted in Garowe.

During the training, the participating SMEs will cover the benefits and importance of record keeping in business transactions, the best practices of book keeping, risks of poor record keeping, the typical records that should be kept and the need to analyses and summarize business transactions for management decision making.

The training was delivered in an open friendly and enthusiastic approach where participants took part in a more participatory approach. The participants representing the SMEs shared their stories and the experience they encountered for managing their financial systems.

By the end of the training, there will be one to one follow-up training in which the Eagle Auditors and Business Consultants will provide tailored coaching and consultation to each of the 15 SMEs in their own offices.

Such training is designed to improve the financial system of the small and medium enterprise and will facilitate a future growth of the business in general which will, in turn, will boost the economy of Puntland as the business will create more jobs.